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See results as fast as 30 to 45 business days… 94.7% of clients are completed in 90 business days total

We Are The Medium Advisors

We Provide:

Business Services
Credit Repair
Credit Building
Shelf Corporations
Personal and Business Funding
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Who We Are
Here at the Medium Advisors we take pride in helping people execute their goals. We have years of experience servicing people and businesses accomplish good credit, personal and business funding, development and management just to name a few.

Unlike most companies we work closely with clients, we step walk them through the process step by step until we reach the overall goal. We communicate weekly with clients making sure they never feel left in the dark. We make it easy to work with us by offering competitive rates, quality service and fast results. We understand that most people feel defeated and do not know where to start in taking the first step to their goals, no matter the situation we are here to see you meet your goals. Bad or no credit we can fix it, lack of information on your industry we will do the research, company not old enough for funding we will fix that.There is no reason to wait any longer to accomplish your goals, whether whether its starting or expanding a company, buying a car, becoming an artist we are here to help. Call us today and begin your road to success.


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The Medium Advisors

  “Dedicated to taking your personal or business credit to higher levels.”

Our Services include:

  • Personal Services
    • Credit Repair
    • Credit Building
    • CPN’s and CPN Build Outs
    • Personal and CPN Funding
  • Corporate Services
    • Business Incorporation Services
    • EIN Number
    • Operating Agreement
    • Articles Of Organization
    • Trademarking And Copyrighting
    • Business Tradelines
    • Shelf Corporations For Sale
    • Business Funding

        Custom Packages Available 

Let Us Help You.Build Your Image.