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Relationships in the Entertainment Industry

It’s seems like celebrity relationships are synonymous with lies, cheating and abuse. I am not saying that this does not happen in the regular peoples lives, but the ratio to that particular group is to high. Do you ever wonder why this is?  Well here is one theory in some of this relationships one partner is the breadwinner. Most cases the man is rich and successful and if he isn’t dating or married to another celebrity he is probably making way more ... Read more

The Age of Entrepreneurship

With the rise of the Internet and other new communications technologies, the field of entertainment is increasingly difficult to define. In this profile, we're talking about film, television, and music, as well as sports-each a form of entertainment raking in millions of dollars. Today more and more people are breaking out of the traditional work society and starting their own business. The funny thing about the majority of these people is they have joined the entertainment industry. It seems like every time ... Read more