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Artist Managers…the makers of greatness

        My name is Cloe Luv, owner of Brook Brovaz. Brook Brovaz is broken down into three companies, Brook Brovaz Music, the Production Company, Brook Brovaz Corp, which is the label, and Brook Brovaz studios, which is the Recording studio. I play the manager role for all three, I manage the engineers getting them placements and work, I manage the producers and song writers getting them placements and sales and last but not least the artist. I have been a manager for the ... Read more

Two Timing Artist

We all hear stories about managers that two time their clients, but what about the clients that two time their managers. Debra Antney known artist manager in the hip-hop community, with names under her belt like Waka Flocka (her son), Nikka Manaj,Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, French Montana, and Lex Luger, among many other high-profile acts. She is currently suing her client French Montana for claiming he made several lucrative concert deals behind her back. She is suing for $50,000 ... Read more