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Independent VS Signed

There are two kinds of artist in the music industry, independent and signed. Independent artist or music also known as indie or indie music, are artist that make music independently without the support of a major record label or their conglomerates. This process is very hand’s on for the artist because most of them have little or no staff. Signed artist on the other hand are artist that are signed to a label. These artists are giving the delight to ... Read more

Ways to soar as an independent artist

Making music is half the struggles in the entertainment world, and even that can be expensive. Independent artist have to worry about things like budgets for promotions, wardrobe etc., to try to push themselves and stand out in an over saturated market. As an independent artist you have to invest in yourself and pull in all resources possible. There are so many things that artist can do to promote themselves for minimal money. Sound cloud, reverbnation, YouTube, MySpace is a few ... Read more