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The Magic of a Song

In this creative time a lot of people are doing music. When we think about music we artist, the singers, rappers and pop stars. But! Who makes all this magic come together what is the process? There are so many people that are over looked and never mentioned, so many that are trying to be the next big thing in music but are not artist. Today we will take a look at some of the behind the scenes people that ... Read more

The Impact Digital Landscape has on the Music Industry

“ The digital landscape consist of a mix of different channels such as social networks, websites, email; mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets; videos, widgets, kiosks, and gaming consoles. These mediums help marketers to build relationships with consumers, publicize their brands, and also sell their products or services. (UK,2013)” The digital landscapes has an enormous impact on the music industry. It changes how music business is done, how music is promoted and how it is presented. It changes business ... Read more