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In the past few weeks I have learned about some amazing business people and their road to success. Since then I have decided to implement the advice and knowledge learned by Steven Gedeon. Steven Gedeon has what he calls the key 7 lessons. First on the list is “All problems are people problems” the way to address or over come that is to learn how to manage people; how to hire and fire, how to motivate, how to ensure they do the right things and how to ensure they meet objectives. I have implemented those techniques a lot more when dealing with my staff. One thing that I had a problem with was firing people. I understand now how important it is to be able to play all those roles with out getting to emotionally attach to my employees.

Lesson 2 “Nobody cares about technology”, “They care about benefits to the customer; Tech must be delivered through products and services. This applies to my business when dealing with communications and creating our sound. Lesson 3 “ Nobody buys products and services”, “Learn marketing and sales”. Deeply understanding my customer’s wants and needs of the client is so important in order to deliver the best product possible. Lesson 4 “A rising tide lifts all boats” Understanding trends make it easier to spot and secure opportunities. In the entertainment business there are constantly new trends staying up to date on these things helps keep us relevant in the business.

Lesson 5 “Pick the right business model”, A good business model will help a company map out the goals as well as execute them. The master’s in entertainment business program at Full Sail University has been a key role in applying this lesson. I can see my business plan so much more clearly now and understand the necessary steps I have to take to be successful. Lesson 6 “Be important to someone”, this is a great… great lesson expressed in the “48 Laws of Power” that was given to us to read in our leadership class at Full Sail. Always keep people dependent on you therefore you are never replaceable. Lesson 7 “You are the business”, “People give money to people they like, trust and respect. Gedeon says you need good character to be worthy of investors trust; this is the true nature of entrepreneurship. I live, eat and sleep my business. I make sure that everything I do goes well with my brand, I am so conscious of it I will not even allow an investor to partake if I feel that their brand cant taint mine.

These lessons are so important in entrepreneurship. I am so enlightened by the knowledge shared by Gedeon; I have a whole new insight, enlightenment and ambition.



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