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The World of Funding

There are so many great companies that stay stagnant in growth because they are crippled by resources.  We all know money walk and the rest talks. The quickest way to obtain resources needed is to have money to purchase them. Now I know what you are thinking, how am I suppose to get the money to obtain the resources. Well first as you may have read in my last blog you make a business plan, to A see what kind of money ... Read more

Creating a Business Plan

We all know you have to have money in order to start a business successfully, how much vary on the business plan and business goals. The problem is a lot of people have great goals and ideas…but do not have the funding to see these goals through. There are a few steps and options that I would like to share with you today that may help you get your business goals in progress. First thing is first write out a business ... Read more

The 7 Key Lesson’s to Success

In the past few weeks I have learned about some amazing business people and their road to success. Since then I have decided to implement the advice and knowledge learned by Steven Gedeon. Steven Gedeon has what he calls the key 7 lessons. First on the list is “All problems are people problems” the way to address or over come that is to learn how to manage people; how to hire and fire, how to motivate, how to ensure they ... Read more

Experts on Business

A business helps achieve you achieve your company goals. It is the step-by-step guide to help execute the journey of you business ideas. The plan will explain all the elements that you business composes of; what you are offering, what it cost you to offer it, how much you are selling it for, who else is selling it, who are to trying to sell to and much more. Having a strong and well-written business plan can attract or persuade ... Read more