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A business helps achieve you achieve your company goals. It is the step-by-step guide to help execute the journey of you business ideas. The plan will explain all the elements that you business composes of; what you are offering, what it cost you to offer it, how much you are selling it for, who else is selling it, who are to trying to sell to and much more. Having a strong and well-written business plan can attract or persuade other to invest in your company. Most banks and investors won’t take you serious without a business plan.

“Chuck Blakeman and Steven Gedeon are experts in writing and reviewing business plans. “ChuckBlakeman is a lifetime practitioner who now uses his experience to help business owners create success.
He is author of “Making Money is Killing Your Business” which was named as the #1 rated business book of 2010 by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.
His company, The Crankset Group, provides outcome-based mentoring, peer advisory, and consulting for Business Owners, CEOs, and their growing businesses. He started and grew five small businesses, including one sold to the largest consumer fulfillment company in America. He helped lead three other companies between $20-$100 million through repositioning in the Marketing Support Services industry. Mr. Blakeman is considered a thought leader in Marketing Support Services and has decades of experience in sales, marketing and operations of companies involved in branding, database and website development, call centers, fulfillment, printing and direct mail processing. Some of Mr. Blakeman’s customers have included Microsoft, Apple, Eli Lilly, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Sun Microsystems, Tyco Healthcare, Johns Manville and many more.”

“Steven Gedeon is a professor in Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the Ted Rogers School of Management. He has founded or led over a dozen private, public, venture capital and non-profit organizations; published over 100 articles, reports and patents; and delivered over 40 public speaking engagements and on-line videos on personal leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship and teaching.
“Dr. Gedeon has won over 20 awards including the inaugural Ryerson Experiential Teaching Award, the Ryerson President’s Award of Teaching Excellence and the USASBE National Award for Entrepreneurial Experiential Education Best Practices.
Professor Gedeon teaches the year-long experiential capstone courses in entrepreneurship where 100 students created over $20M in new revenue for 19 site companies and started over a dozen new companies over three years. Steve was CEO of Ashurst Technology, a TSE and NASDAQ listed company with 26 subsidiaries in 15 countries and founded Jaycor’s $100M corporate VC program. More recently, Steve was Founding CEO of 3DNA Corp., a new media technology company that raised 6 rounds of financing and created the number one download in its product category with over 20 awards and 80 magazine articles, as well as many fan sites and over a million users.”

Needless to say these guys know their stuff. They have mastered the art of making businesses successful. There are critical and key components that investors look for in a plan. Investors will want to see your background in the industry and business experience as well as that of your management team. Many small businesses fail because of weaknesses in the management team. You must show that you know your demographics and will reach your target market in an ongoing manner. Your pricing and sales strategy have to be clearly defined and in line with industry norms. Investors want to know that you have acknowledged and researched your competition thoroughly. In addition, they will want to see how you plan to contend with your competitors and distinguish yourself. What will give you the competitive edge? Investors expect to see a return on their investment. Therefore, they want to see realistic financial projections that show how long it will take for the business to show a profit and for them to recoup their initial investment. They will also want to see a clear exit strategy: a way to make a profit and move on to the next deal. These components are key because they tell investors how much money they can make or lose by supporting your company.



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