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In this creative time a lot of people are doing music. When we think about music we artist, the singers, rappers and pop stars. But! Who makes all this magic come together what is the process? There are so many people that are over looked and never mentioned, so many that are trying to be the next big thing in music but are not artist. Today we will take a look at some of the behind the scenes people that make the music. A song consist of two very important elements the beat/ instrumental and the lyrics. Back in the day most artist wrote their own songs and someone in the group made the instrumental or beat, but the times have changed. Most major recording artist do not write their own lyrics and almost all off them can not make a beat or instrumental. Now there are some vey talent people out there who can sing and they write there own songs and writes hits for big names we all know. Ne-yo is the prime example of being a hit making songwriter as well as being one of the biggest artists of our times.

“ Aside from working on his own album, Ne-Yo also collaborates with several other artists. His works include: Rihanna’s top-ten singles Unfaithful, Russian Roulette” and her number-one hit “Take a Bow, Mario Vazquez’s Gallery, Paula DeAnda’s Walk Away (Remember Me), and Beyoncé Knowles’ Billboard Hot 100 number-one single Irreplaceable, which stayed at the top of the chart for ten consecutive weeks. He wrote the song I’m You for Leona Lewis’s debut album Spirit, and is currently writing songs for her next album and for the debut album of fellow X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. He has also been working with Sugababes for their seventh album, with member Keisha Buchanan confirming that Ne-Yo had written a song called ‘No More You’ for their album. In 2010, he dueted with Mariah Carey on ‘Angel’s Cry’, a song on her cancelled album, Angels Advocate. Ne-Yo has also written songs for Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Carrie Underwood, Anastacia, Ciara, Corbin Bleu, Enrique Iglesias and Dima Bilan. He also collaborated with Lindsay Lohan on her new material, having already finished “Bossy”, a pre-single for her new album Spirit in the Dark. Ne-Yo confirmed that he had been contacted by producer to work on what would have been Michael Jackson’s new album. However, at the time of Jackson’s death, Ne-Yo’s collaborations with him had yet to move past the writing stage. In an interview in 2010 he said since Jackson’s death he’s been confused as what to do with the songs, as he feels that selling them to another artist or even releasing the songs himself would be disrespectful to Jackson legacy. In 2009, he wrote Truth (Saigo no Shinjitsu) for Japanese pop group w-inds.”(Wiki, 2013)

In addition to a star songwriter like I mentioned before you need a just a good producer. Some songs are written to the instrumental or some instrumentals are made around a song. Either way the marriage of the two is very important to make a good song. Some well-known producers are Rick Rubin, Jermaine Dupri, Timberland, DR. Dre, Stargate, Rodney Jerkins and Swizz beats are just a few go to names that artist looking for sure hits frequent. Now that we have the lyrics and the song we don’t right…wrong. One of the most important things when releasing a song is that it is mixed and mastered properly. YoungGuru is one of the best engineers in the game he makes sure that your songs are sonically crisp and consistent.

So in a whole, you need good lyric’s, a good beat, and a crisp sound and wha la like magic you have a mater piece.


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